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January 27, 2019

Kinder Morgan Community Meeting

Tuesday, January 29th, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Wimberley Community Center

14068 Ranch Rd 12, Wimberley

A 42-inch natural gas pipeline will be built across Hays County and will go through the Wimberley Valley. Click here to view the proposed route. Join Precinct 3 Hays County Commissioner Lon Shell at the first of several community meetings to learn more. Check out the Facebook event page.


Erin is on the job!

Erin Zwiener, a friend of WimDems and our new state rep, has been sworn in, has her committee assignments and is introducing legislation! Click here to sign up for her office newsletter.


Big Changes in the Works for Voting in Hays County

If all goes as planned, in November we will be voting on paper-based machines in county-wide Voter Centers. Look for a newsletter with details soon.

--- Robert Smith, Registrar 

Important Voting Improvements Being Planned

Robert Smith

January 29, 2019

Opinions in this post are those of the author and do not reflect a position of the Wimberley Democrats.

The Hays County Commissioners Court will soon receive a proposal that would change the way we vote. The Elections Office is preparing plans to purchase new voting machines and to apply for the State’s Countywide Polling Place program (“Voter Centers”). If these plans are approved and the roll-out goes well, the November 2019 election will use voting machines that have a paper trail, and on Election Day we will be able to vote in any polling place in the county.

In the spring of 2017, the County named a citizen’s committee to recommend a replacement for our aging voting machines. At that time, State regulations had the effect of blocking voting devices with a paper trail from in-person early voting (which is heavily used in Hays) and from the Voter Center program (which Hays aspires to join). This meant that the two available options with a paper audit trail were not acceptable, leaving only an all-electronic, paperless voting machine.

Efforts were under way at the time to resolve those regulatory issues, and the Election Administrator delayed a final decision. Since then, an opinion from the Attorney General opened the door for one of the paper-trail options in Voter Centers, and the regulation causing problems for early voting was repealed altogether.

The paper trail option that is now usable in all voting scenarios is a “ballot-marking device.” It features touch-screen voting but prints out a paper record of the voter’s choices. Hand-marked paper ballots are still disallowed from the Voter Center program. (A subsequent newsletter will describe these two types of systems and their legal issues.)

The Hays County Elections Administrator is now putting together a purchasing plan for new voting machines, and she is proposing a ballot-marking system. This system also eliminates the need to manually enter the ballot style for each voter. This is an important feature, as incorrect ballot styles have been a vexing problem in past elections. Finally, the County has informed the State of its intention to enter the Voter Center program, and it is hoping to start with 30 to 35 Voter Centers. (For comparison, there were 37 precinct-specific polling places on last November’s Election Day.) The goal is to roll out both changes in 2019, since odd-numbered years have a significantly lower turnout.

Some people will be disappointed that we are not adopting hand-marked paper ballots. However, county-wide Election Day Voter Centers are also important – they make voting more accessible to all. The County’s planned course is the only way to get a paper trail together with Voter Centers. This is the best solution available under current law.

Taken together, these changes will fix three problems that have plagued past elections:

1. We will have a paper record of every vote cast;

2. No voter registered in Hays County will be told that they are in the wrong polling place on Election Day; and

3. It should be exceedingly rare for a voter to get the wrong ballot style.

This plan has not been submitted to the Commissioners Court yet, but it is not too early to register your support. Start by contacting Precinct 3 County Commissioner Lon Shell – call him at 512-847-3159 or email him at [email protected] and tell him you want paper audit trails and Election Day Voter Centers. Then contact Elections Administrator Jennifer Anderson at [email protected] and wish her luck in getting these plans approved and implemented.